Project Joints, Joinery, Joining

The project strives to create a living space that is both private and open at the same time. By using the ideas embodied in various types of joinery, it seeks to find the space between adjacency and hybridism. In order to become joined, each of the inputs must give up part of themselves to the other, without losing its own identity. This system of giving up parts, in order to create a new output allows for the creation of a whole that is greater than each of the individual parts.

The project uses three homes that braid about each other. Each of the homes locks into its neighbors and relies on them for support, both reacting to and informing the movement of the others around it. The movement of the three creates a shared outdoor space. The shared space allows for each of the residents to interact as they enter and leave their homes, or as a communal outdoor area.

It is through the joining of these disparate pieces into a larger whole that the joinery allows us to see and experience differences between the various participants of the joining. The bringing together of these various elements heightens our awareness of the differences as well as the similarities of the participants, allowing us a deeper understanding of them.

One end of the structure foregrounds visual connections with all three spaces sharing common views to the exterior. The other end assumes a more private stance while still maintaining a connection to the other spaces and participants via a joining of materials and directionality inherited from the other joined homes.

Project Credits:
Principal in Charge: Paulis Austrins