Firehouse 7.1

Firehouse 7.1 is an adaptive reuse project seeking to turn a disused fire station (Firehouse no. 7) into a single family home. Originally built in the 1920’s the building was mildly renovated in the 1980’s and remained in use as a firehouse till 2010.

Firehouse 7.1 seeks to find ways in which the open and industrial nature of the original building can be maintained while making the spaces room-like and usable for everyday living. In pursuit of this goal and to maintain a tight budget, the layout of the building remains largely intact, while removing few select walls allows the spaces to flow into one another in a way that was not possible previously. Spaces are largely kept partition free and are defined via methods other than walls. Discreet living areas are defined via minor changes in floor and ceiling elevation, changes in lighting, changes in texture and discreet built-in casework.These methods interact with a layout that seeks to make a gradient of public-to-private spaces allows the space to feel simultaneously large and open as well as private and welcoming.

The project is located in Lansing, Michigan.

Project Credits:
Principal in Charge: Paulis Austrins
Principal: Sophia Chang
Builder: R.L. Rider Remodeling