Project House Grown, House Evolved

The House Grown, House Evolved project attempts to create a system by which a series of houses are grown from a single cell. The cellular growth is based on the system of cellular automata, where each cell is influenced by, and exerts influence on all other cells nearby. Growth occurs in cycles and the outcome of each cycle is analogous to a cellular floor plan.

A series of plans are grown from variations in a single genome. This population becomes a single generation of plans and the fittest of the generation is identified according to variables assigned by the operator and the plan’s relation to site. The most fit of each generation are then allowed to breed, combining their genetic information in order to produce the next generation.

While the outcome may not appear to be a conventional house, the system has created an output based on the constraints of the site and input from the user. The outcome satisfies the needs of the users and the site while creating spatial relationships that may not have been considered using a more conventional system of space planning.

By using a genetic system to grow and evolve the house, it allows for an outcome that both satisfies the needs of the specific users but also allows for the unexpected to occur.

Project Credits:
Principal in Charge: Paulis Austrins