Architecture is the creation of the world in which we live. Good Architecture helps us live better, healthier, more fulfilling lives. From the moment we wake up, the buildings we inhabit help to make our day to day experiences and enhance our relationships to the people around us. Studio PSchema believes that a successful design not only expresses the identity and values of our clients, but also enables our clients to better engage the world in which they live.

Paulis Austrins received a Master of Architecture from The University Of Michigan. He offers the unique expertise of having spent time on the construction site as a builder. His intimate knowledge of how buildings come together informs the way that he approaches design, resulting in well-crafted and well-functioning buildings for our clients. As an architect, Paulis has many years of involvement with the building and fabrication of homes throughout the US and Canada. Prior to architecture he studied Economics, focusing on the social aspects of why people do the things they do, and understanding how individuals relate to their environment. His experience contributes to his heightened sensibilities towards materials, construct-ability and usability.

Sophia Chang received a Master of Architecture with Distinction from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Alongside her studies in Architecture, Sophia pursued training and work in social justice. One of her focuses was research into the ways that the built environment can help to create culture and community, and promote a higher quality of life. She brings this expertise to her work with all of our clients, designing with people in mind. With her range of experience in the creation of community spaces, schools, and commercial buildings, Sophia brings a sensitivity to the distinct needs of clients for buildings that reflect the identity of an institution while also contributing and responding to its growth from day to day.