Urban Corridor

The city is full of voids which link together and allow for a flow of open spaces between the masses of the built environment. We more commonly think of these as rivers, roads, plazas, or parks. Within the density of Boston’s North End neighborhood, The Urban Corridor attempts to harness this flow to create a structure that works with it, rather than against it, and invites the public onto and into the building from an open park space located to the rear.

The path from the park continues the open space of the park into the building. The ground first steps up to function as informal bleachers and cafe space facing the park’s basketball courts before continuing inside as a vertical plaza with seating, reading, gallery and presentation areas all looking across onto the library’s rare book collection, which is displayed in a protective glass enclosure like a jewel within the building.

The various sloping angles of this path into and through the library were studied in terms of social configurations enabled. The final configuration creates welcoming public space, while also providing spaces of shelter and solitude.

Project Credits:
Principal in Charge: Sophia Chang