Olympic Swimming Pool

Olympic Swimming Pool is an ADA accessible natatorium. The project focuses on the use of a curvilinear truss system for structure, spacial definition and circulation.

Each of the eighteen sections are made of a series of “strips” that define floors, ceilings and walls. All vertical circulation is accomplished via ramps defined by the system of strips.

When the individual strips are combined into a whole section, they lock together forming a truss that runs the length of the building. The trusses further lock into neighboring trusses to form a rigid space frame, able to span the Olympic-size swimming pool at the center of the building.

The project has three distinct elevations and corresponding sectional characteristics. By allowing the strips to move in one direction only, the project takes on highly sectional characteristics, allowing for design in both plan and section simultaneously.

Project Credits:
Principal in Charge: Paulis Austrins
Project in collaboration with Katharine O’Malley